All Ball Pro® was developed from a love of not just sports but the community around them. Inspired by the experiences of families engaging in their own backyard and how that transferred to growth on the field and court; All Ball Pro® was brought to life as a product to encourage growth at home and with teams. The excitement of witnessing the growth of the individual player serves to strengthen the family and the community, and it has become the backbone of everything All Ball Pro® stands for as a company and product.

After seeing many “rebounders” and “pitch-backs” fail, All Ball Pro® was determined to develop something better; an innovative, durable, high quality product that worked in more than one situation and sport. Proudly made in USA, in St. Louis, MO, from only high-quality materials–including powder-coated chrome steel, galvanized steel, and a UV protected screen. Our system is of the highest quality on the market while being easy to set up and use on or off the field.

We are proud to offer a multiple size product line that provides unlimited training possibilities and stress-free fun to improve your game. The entire All Ball Pro® product line sets up in minutes, tilts to your desired angle, offers an astounding 95% return rate, and is completely mobile. We’re sure you’ll be just as proud to have All Ball Pro® on your field as you have fun and improve your game with the rebounder like no other.

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