Brandon J. Speakman
Brandon J. Speakman★★★★★
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I unpacked the rebounder on Christmas Eve and put it together in the garage. Anyway, on Christmas morning my boys woke up to the rebounder and the “pass back” football. They didn’t really know what to make of it since we already had an STX Lacrosse rebounder. I got one of those looks like “what’s Santa thinking, here??? We already have one of these…” One toss of the football on the rebounder and when it zipped back to them their eyes got HUGE!!! They couldn’t believe how fast it was! After opening the other presents, we moved the rebounder outside to play around with it. We spent hours outside tossing the basketball, football, soccer ball, everything against it and had a blast! What a great product, and thanks for being such a good Elf so Santa could leave it under the tree! Merry Christmas and God Bless!
Vanessa Spagnuola
Vanessa Spagnuola★★★★★
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My three boys are ecstatic with the velocity and speed of the Allballpro. It is 100 times better than the old lacrosse bounce back and will enhance their practice. The customer service was superb. And we are so happy it is Made in the USA!!
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The unit seems to bounce back nicely. It’s pretty cool to use…it certainly keeps you on your toes, that’s for sure! Putting it together, you know for sure that it is made in the USA. Just like the old days, built strong and done the right way. P.S. –I wanted to say that I appreciated your customer service…I noticed that your communications have been prompt, detailed, & friendly. Good job!! 🙂
Faizan Mir
Faizan Mir★★★★★
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I took your advice and tightened them as tight as I could and everything has been amazing ever since then. I love the All Ball Pro, it really returns the ball back perfectly. Couldn’t ask for a better product. Thanks for your help.
Samantha Reynolds
Samantha Reynolds★★★★★
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My son came home from school telling me about how his friends that play lacrosse are all talking about this rebounder called the AllBallPro. My son also mentioned that it worked for all ball sports, so we looked it up. My children, ages 13 & 11, primarily play baseball and softball, and I play tennis. After looking at their website, I had to call for more information because I was quite impressed with what I had seen. Cara was most helpful explaining how the product shipped as the cost seemed a little high. She said the unit comes fully assembled and requires only minimal setup. Cara also told me how it works for all the ball sports and sent me the set-up and leg change video. She was right: simple set-up, no assembly. I ordered on the spot! Cara said it would be a couple days before it would ship and then approximately three day transit time. It was here a couple days later than expected, but well worth the wait! It’s really a fun product, and my friends have even been ordering them. All I can say is “Thanks Cara for getting us such an amazing product that is NOT MADE IN CHINA WITH PRIDE!
Jon Weston The Goalieman
Jon Weston The Goalieman★★★★★
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I was at the US Lacrosse Convention milling around the vendor area and saw a rebounder that was being displayed in a netted in area much alike a baseball batting cage. I went by a couple of times and finally stopped in to see what was what. They loaned me a stick and a ball and cautioned me to be careful – the ball comes back fast. So I didn’t listen and got hit in the hat with my own pass’ bounce back. It took me 20 or so passes until I set up in my goalie stance and began to throw hard and make saves with an attack stick. This is the NEW WALL. Good concrete walls take a lot of speed off the ball. You have to throw really hard on a concrete wall to get a good return to practice with, yet that wall is really good to work on. AllBallPro (www.allballpro.com) is very significantly better. It is adjustable for the height of the return and the distance. Obviously, I bought one and have been using it myself and with my students. It has shown me when my hand grip and rotation is sloppy. I am improving on every workout.
Carla G.
Carla G.★★★★★
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I’m super excited about how true the bounce back is. I just think that it would be great to work with our goalies and for our kids instead of using wall ball because they can bring it out to the field. We’re super excited to have it. We can bring it out to the field so they can use it if they’re getting a pass and then taking a shot.
Alli B
Alli B★★★★★
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This is absolutely the best rebounder out there. I was a little skeptical at first at how different this would be versus other rebounders but this is amazing. The speed is so much faster, so that it actually mimics the speed of a pass. It's an absolute must if you a serious out your training.
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This is great way to get the hands faster. Ball comes back quick. We use it with the regular rebounder and goal for backyard training. It's definitely pricey but if your kid is a seriouse lacrosse player you should look into getting this product. Very sturdy, easy to move around with the wheels and simple to put together. Higly recommend if it's in your budget.
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They are worth the money. The bounce back is amazing! Both my sons who plays lacrosse and baseball pratice everyday on it.
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My children love it! Delivered as promised before Christmas, thank you. So far, so good, it’s holding up. Time will tell. I recommend this product.
John Ward
John Ward★★★★★
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My husband bought the All Ball pro stinger X five years ago for our two boys who play lacrosse and football. They spend hours working on stick skills for lacrosse and throwing the football. It has an incredibly high ball return rate which allows them to work on their skills alone. The mobility aspect of it is easy so they can transport it any place any time. Hands down, the best purchase we have ever made.
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This is absolutely the BEST rebounder you can buy! I have two sons who play baseball and lacrosse. I have purchased rebounders from other manufacturers in the past, but they typically do not rebound well and they wear out quickly. There is no comparison to the All Ball Pro: 1) The rebound is lifelike and perfect - you don't have to throw it hard to get the ball to come back. 2) It is sturdy and remarkably weatherproof. I leave mine outside all year and it remains unchanged by the elements and is as good as the first day we got it.
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Our All Ball Pro is one of the best purchases that we have ever made for our family. Our kids would rather play on the "screen" in the backyard than the screen in front of our couch. Thank you All Ball Pro for providing such a fun tool that, at the same time, has exponentially improved our children's training in every ball sport!
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Perfect for lacrosse! By far the best rebounder on the planet! So good, we have two!
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