Gladiator Lacrosse® Pack of 6 Fully Certified, Official Lacrosse Game Balls – White – Meets All Standards

Gladiator Lacrosse official balls are the premier choice for any type of play – from elementary to professional levels. Every 100% premium vulcanized rubber ball is produced with the exact mold and dimensions according to all NFHSA and NCAA standards – enabling their use for any level of official games, tournaments and competition. We pride our balls in being the most “grease” resistant over their long-term use. Though players tend to suggest that a particular lacrosse ball has “no grip” or is a “greaser”, your team or program won’t be able to use this excuse as ours have the most “grip”, feel, and long-term use factor compared to our competitors. When it comes to choosing the most ideal ball for your team or program’s needs for all practices, games and tournaments, look no further than Gladiator Lacrosse.

  • Great for men’s & women’s field lacrosse, box lacrosse and indoor lacrosse
  • Improved shooting and passing accuracy, feel and grip
  • Field tested, approved and certified by all official governing bodies
  • Slip (grease) resistant
  • 100% vulcanized rubber


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